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About Us'All Things Clover'... Oh Yea!

We Make It Easy To Accept Payments Anywhere. is a Payment Processing Consultant, Inc. service created specifically to handle 'All Things Clover'. We live and breath Clover everyday! It is what we do. We are the first to dig into new Apps, feel out new integrated technologies, and figure out new ways Clover can give our customers the point of sales system that fosters customer engagements and grow sales.

We love to take our clients “beyond the transaction” with next-generation point-of-sale technology. If you have an idea... we are the people to talk with. Our experience and knowledge about First Data's Clover product line is unmatched. We pride ourself on providing outstanding point of sales business solutions that meet your needs. Make Clover the business backbone of your company. We can help.

As a First Data authorized reseller, we are ready to help you reach your commerce goals!

Payment Processing Consulants, Inc. has a proven 16 year track record of success both locally and nationally. We are one of Rochester’s Top 100 fastest growing companies with an A+ BBB rating and endorsed by over 25 referral partners.

Not Familiar with First Data?

First Data simplifies the connections that make commerce possible. Every day, merchants, financial institutions and governments around the world rely on First Data to deliver the simple yet sophisticated solutions that help our customers thrive in the changing world of commerce and make the most of every transaction.

First Data manages over 79 billion transaction per year. They service 6 million merchants and over 4 million institutions in over 118 countries.

We work with First Data to help bring you next-generation point-of-sales technology to your business and transform your passion into productivity.

Clover News Checkout The Press Releases

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photo blog Venture Beat JUNE 16, 2015

First Data launches Clover Mini for accepting Apple Pay, Android Pay, and other NFC-enabled wallets

"The Mini rounds out Clover’s suite of products geared at small, medium, and large businesses, which include a mobile unit for in-the-field sales and a counter-style point-of-sale. Aimed at small businesses with a smaller budget, the Mini means to vie against the slew of innovative competitors that have emerged in recent years."

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Tech Crunch PEB. 14 2016

Clover Mobile, A Wireless, Tablet-Based Point-Of-Sale

"Clover Mobile will allow merchants to place order, take payments, scan inventory, clock in employees, and sync sales data with accounting software, and more."

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First Data JUNE. 14 2015

First Data Launches Clover® Mini, The Future of Payment Terminals

Clover Mini meets the demands of a rapidly changing commerce marketplace, enabling merchants to accept most payment types, including swipe, PIN Debit, EMV (chip + PIN; chip + signature) and NFC transactions. Additionally, Clover Mini operates with the same power as the original Clover device, Clover Station®, in a much smaller package, meaning business owners can access the same intuitive tools without compromising on space.

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